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Ikioo is 24/7 Artifical Intelligence at your fingertips. A new frontier in healthcare, ikioo is the brains that provide you with a permanent health presence, utilizing individualized predictive algorithms to continuously serve your specific needs.

ikioo 21st Century Medicine

We understand healthcare and we understand artificial intelligence.

Take a deep dive into our book to learn about our philosophy and approach in our quest to provide you the best and smartest alternatives in healthcare.

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Remote Health Monitoring and Management

We combine human and artificial intelligence to give you state of the art 21st century healthcare



Track your vital signs and activites of daily living

Updated content synced from the cloud to all devices

Seemlessly connect to your healthcare provider


Update your medicine intake in real-time

Share side effects and risk factors with your healthcare professional

AI algorithms to evaluate the efficacy of your medicine


Follow and improve your fitness goals

Combine your gym workout with what you do during the day

Seamlessly connect to your fitness provider

Personal Health Records (PHR)

Have your PHR with you "on the go"

Secure military-grade encryption

HIPAA compliant

"Away From Hospital" Healthcare

Communicate with your own network of providers at your own terms.

Receive personalized medical reports weekly or monthly.

Remote health monitoring and management with embedded Artificial Intelligence.


Record your nutritional intake with detailed precision

Get personally tailored nutritional programs

Seamlessly connect to your nutrition provider

Who We Are

ikioo® Technologies Inc., is located in Burbank, California and specializes in innovative Artificial Intelligence healthcare technologies

Our Goal

We are working to avert a disaster in spiraling disease-care costs in the United States as well as worldwide limited access to 21st century healthcare.


We are leading the way to a paradigm shift from “disease-centric” healthcare system to a “health-centric” healthcare system. We like to frame it as a much needed “Renaissance” for healthcare.

AI Integrated Platforms

ikioo® Remote Health Monitoring and Management is comprised of two integrated platforms that work together to achieve personalized and far reaching true health care.

Our Mission

We are merging American technological ingenuity with advanced established algorithms practiced by all healthcare professionals here in the United States.

Meet the team

The talents behind ikioo® Technologies Inc.

  • Ayman Salem, MD

    CEO, Founder
  • Laura Gross, MBA

  • Ramin Hooriani, M. Sci

  • Hesham Atwa, MD

    ikioor AI
  • Lin Lamay, MD

    ikioor AI
  • Sherief Zamzam, MD

    ikioor AI
  • Wasim Mouazzen, MD

    ikioo App AI
  • Firas Mouazzen, MD

    ikioo App AI
  • Khatereh Hinze, PA

    ikioo App AI
  • Ariel Loo, NP

    ikioo App AI
  • Nima Kabir, MD

    Grants, R & D
  • Rasheed Akbarut

    AI Liason


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US Medical Students AI Internship
  • Earn money while expanding your medical knowledge 
  • Work at your own pace while learning how AI works in Medicine. 
  • Become part of revolutionizing the healthcare system and get a head start in your career before graduating. 
  • Help bring the focus of healthcare back to being patient-centered   
At Home Advisor
  • Improve the quality of patient health from the comforts of your own home 
  • We are looking for motivated licensed professionals in medical and general healthcare practices (such as doctors, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, dieticians, nutritionists, nurses, physical trainers, coaches, etc.…) to serve as resources for improving patient care 
  • Set your own schedule and earn financial compensation for the services you provide without setting foot in an office. 
  • Through ikioo AI Health Platform, earn money during your free time with simply a smartphone, tablet, or a desktop computer. 
  • We are seeking dedicated professionals who wish to implement a positive change in the current healthcare system by bringing in their unique and professional skill sets to contribute to our rapidly growing company

Press Release

Ikioo Technologies, Inc. has inaugurated state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence Lab, to train advanced health related neural networks. It focuses on physician directed AI, to deliver 21st Century true Health care. At a time when our current health systems are becoming overwhelmed with disorganized patient data and misappropriated use of health resources, we are constantly expanding our AI and health algorithms to alleviate some of these burdens and focus on enhancing overall interactive efficiencies.

We have kicked off our Series A funding!

View our profile on InPortal to access our Data Room containing supporting documentation (patents, pitch deck, videos, etc.)

Investors Relations

The ikioo Remote Health Monitoring and Management AI platform is setting the trend for 21st Century Healthcare. Artificial Intelligence is the new “Electricity” and the limitless efficiencies it offers for Healthcare are endless. We are embarking on a whole new world of robotic enhanced wellness in Health and Medicine. ikioo is our 24/7 Health Bot that brings together state of the art technological advancements in computer sciences, deep machine learning, remote health monitoring and management as well as the different specialties and subspecialties of Medicine into a single innovative AI Healthcare platform that is friendly to use for consumers and health professionals alike.

We understand that there are multiple AI verticals from a single platform. “Articulation” as an architectural term implies the manner of joining parts such that each part is clear and distinct in relation to the others, even though joined. Our business philosophy follows the same architectural principle and provides a flexible infrastructure for “What to Come Next?” and accounts for ever changing “Market Conditions”.

Why us? AI is predicted to reach maturation in three phases. The first AI phase was "Hand Crafted Knowledge" (2004-2014), the second and current AI phase is "Statistical Learning" (2014-now) and the third and imminent, final AI maturation phase is "Contextual Adaptation". Our Health AI platform is conceptually designed to transition seamlessly to the third AI maturation phase.

ikioo Intelligent Interactive Diary

A USA patented technology designed to bring users and health professionals onto a unified platform to enable users to achieve a healthier lifestyle and for providers to manage, expand, and grow the services they offer.

Check out our video tutorials for the ikioo App and the ikioor Portal on Youtube!

ikioo HealthBot App

Available on Android, iOS, and Windows, the ikioo HealthBot app is your on-the-go intelligent personal health companion.

  • Easily enter your activities of daily living via voice, text, or picture.
  • Our algorithms will automatically categorize and organize your data enabling quick access and viewing.
  • Connect with all your health providers - stream your data, receive notifications, schedule appointments, take chat or video calls - from a single platform.
  • Use our revolutionary PHR to store, access, search and share all your medical records from one secure location.
  • Stay updated on fitness, diet, and medical news around the globe today.
  • Get personally tailored weekly or monthly AI reports for overviews, insights, and correlations of your data for a better understanding of you and your health!

ikioor Provider Portal

Accessible from any web browser, the ikioor Provider Portal is “Your Global AI Health Presence”.

  • Expand your brand beyond your normal reach by connecting with patients and clients across the globe.
  • Easily create, define, and manage the services you want to provide.
  • Schedule appointments, calls or video conferences through our calendar feature.
  • Manage your clients and patients virtually by accessing their PHR and stay up to date with their health.
  • View, comment, or make suggestions on your clients and patient’s nutrition, fitness, symptoms, vitals or medicine entries in real-time.
  • Broadcast information, news or announcements to all those under your care.
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ikioo Robot

Welcome to the future of the healthcare office. Our system, patented in the USA, includes robots, AR/VR headsets, and other devices that will transform your office and take it beyond the present and into the future.

  • Reduce waiting times through our pre-configured self-check in processes.
  • Reduce exam times by accessing and inputting data quicker.
  • Save on office overhead.
  • Automatically connect with our ikioo HealthBot App and ikioor Provider Portal, enabling easy access to your client or patient’s health records and recent activities.

ikioo Robot will be available Q3 2019.